Clearwater Portfolio Management


An Investment Manager that understands ANd focuses on what really matters to investors



Clearwater Portfolio Management (CPM) evolved out of a financial advice business, so our experience in dealing one on one with clients and investors means that we have a better understanding of what is important to you.

Our portfolios are based on this experience and we continue to work closely with financial planners to structure and operate our portfolios with the end investor as our focus.

CPM operates investment portfolios that combine the resources of some of the leading fund managers from around the world, one of Australia’s leading research houses an Economist with global experience and other investment specialists.

 Our portfolios target specific risk profiles and asset allocations. They can be a core part of your overall investment portfolio to which you add other investments that compliment our funds or if you consider appropriate they can be a single solution.

Investing successfully isn't easy and making strong returns consistently is challenging. Many investments perform well when the markets are rising, however it's when things get tough that the worth of an investment is truly visible. Share markets usually suffer a fall of around 10% during one period each year and experience a loss of around 20% once every three years. Then there's the periodic major crash, like in 1987, the tech wreck and the GFC. Whilst you can try to ride the rollercoaster through all the peaks and troughs, our experience is that investors prefer a smoother ride. 


Our current investment options


Clearwater Dynamic Portfolio

This is an investment that targets higher rates of return. As with all our funds it is well diversified portfolio across asset classes, sectors and managers, holding approximately 10-15 different investments. It provides access to investment opportunities that are generally not available to retail investors.

DMG Diversified Portfolio

True to its name, this portfolio is well diversified with approximately 15 separate holdings, which are then further diversified. Providing a protection, but not immunity, from the full extent of share market losses . The aim is to deliver a less volatile experience and steady compounding returns.