Our portfolios were initially created in response to the impact of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Whilst the portfolios in place at that time did eventually recover, the losses incurred during the GFC and the financial and emotional effect that had on investors demonstrated that we needed to lead the way in doing more for investors.

The investment industry relies too heavily on the throwaway line ‘it will be ok in the long term’. This may be true, however the losses suffered along the way can be too much for some to bear and not everyone has the ‘long term’. Limiting losses also has the benefit of providing a larger base to grow and compound from the market recovery that inevitably occurs after each downturn.

In 2012 Gary Lucas began the process of investigating alternative approaches. The DMG Diversified Portfolio was established in mid-2013 with a key focus on delivering steady, strong returns and providing a degree of protection, not immunity for investors. Our priorities are:

  • Limiting investment losses in periods when share markets fall

  • Choose world class fund managers in their areas of expertise

  • Have a truly diversified portfolio, both across and within asset classes

  • Have the ability to change managers at short notice and have all investors benefit immediately.

  • Engage a Portfolio Manager to provide a high level and ongoing research service and monitor the markets and our holdings on a daily basis

  • Add other high quality resources where they can make a valuable contribution to the portfolio

  • Continue to work at driving down the costs of the portfolio.

  • Operate Investment Committees that oversee each portfolio

  • Produce strong investment returns that compound investors wealth



What Sets Us Apart



Strong Focus on Investors

Our portfolios are created by financial planners based their experience and relationships of working closely with clients & investors over decades and through market cycles,


High Levels of Integrity

Acting in the best interests of investors makes operating the portfolio so much easier. We have no obligation to any other party and are prepared to make changes if it helps investors.


Proactive Investment and Risk Management

We invest resources to ensure we do our best to analyse financial markets and make sound decisions. We have a process to regularly meet and consider changes to the portfolio.


Protecting Investors Capital

We constantly look to identify the balance between strong returns and limiting losses. Protecting you from the full impact of share market falls is one way we add value to your precious investment capital.


Our Team



Gary Lucas, CFP® FFPA, FCPA, B.Bus. | CEO & Chairman of the Investment Committees

Gary oversees the operations of the portfolios and works with all parties including Portfolio Managers and analysts,  Lonsec Research, the Responsible Entity , Custodian, Unit Registry and Administrator. He also Chairs the Investment Committees and assists the portfolio managers in the research and construction of the portfolio.

0417 010 943


Bart Dowling, BEc Honours (Newcastle), PhD Economics (Melbourne), MSc Mathematical Finance (Oxford) | Portfolio Manager of the DMG Diversified Portfolio.

Bart has extensive experience on Wall Street & the City of London as an Asset Allocator, Financial Engineer, Fixed Income & FX  Strategist and Economist. He is author of the book Evolutionary Finance, Palgrave Macmillan and has been a Research Associate at the Centre for Financial Research at the University of Cambridge. He holds a Masters in Mathematical Finance (Oxford), a PhD in Economics (Melbourne) and First Class Honours in Economics (Newcastle).  As you can see we are privileged to have someone of Bart’s calibre working for the DMG Diversified Portfolio(DMGDP).

Bart monitors and reviews the financial markets and economies on a daily basis. His analysis extends to developing scenarios that could evolve and determining their impact on the DMGDP. He leads the portfolio research and construction for the DMGDP and provides research documents at each of our Investment Committee meeting.

Bart is regularly at our office to meet with small groups of clients and investors to answer questions and discuss the DMGDP.  It is an informal meeting and is driven initially by Bart’s overall views and then by clients’ and investors’ questions.  If you are interested in one of these sessions, please contact Simone Belcher at sbelcher@clearwaterpm.com.au.


Stephanie Williamson | Portfolio Manager - Clearwater Dynamic Portfolio

Stephanie has worked in financial services for almost two decades having commenced at an insurance company in 1999. Stephanie joined Select Asset Management in 2004 spending time in finance and operational roles before joining the investment team in 2006. It was in this team where she gained experience across all global financial markets, asset management and multi-strategy investment management. 

With her operational expertise she held major responsibilities in trading and investment implementation and continuously worked alongside IT to create improved reporting requirements and internal processes. She also built investment models across the Closed End Fund universe, a preferred investment vehicle at Select. As a Senior Investment Analyst her role enabled her to take part in investment strategy and manager research, largely across Equities and Alternative investment asset classes; as well as assisting in the construction of bespoke portfolio solutions for clients. 

Select was sold to OneVue in 2014 where she stayed employed until early 2018. Stephanie has since become a Consultant to independent financial planners and boutique asset managers.

Stephanie has a Diploma of Business Management and a Bachelor of Business majoring in Finance.

Stephanie was appointed a Committee Member of the Clearwater Dynamic Portfolio in May 2019.

Patrick Bergin.jpg

Patrick Bergin | Consultant

Patrick is an experienced Chartered Accountant with almost 25 years broad finance, operations and compliance exposure gained with large and boutique financial services organisations. He has held roles at Deloitte, Chase Manhattan Bank, Macquarie Bank and Select Asset Management Limited. He provides shadow unit pricing for the portfolios, monitoring and tracking of key services providers, assistance with distributions and tax statements and review of the financial statements for the funds.


Simone Belcher | Manager

Simone works with Gary daily on the portfolios. She arranges all meetings with the managers we use and also for investors when meeting with Bart. Each day she also reviews the unit price with Gary and works on reporting and compliance. Simone also prepares the agenda, documents and minutes for the Investment Committee Meetings.

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* As an additional layer of research we have engaged Lonsec Research. They provide in-depth, quality research covering traditional managed funds, listed products and alternative assets. Their research is developed by a highly experienced team of over 40 investment research analysts and investment consultants.

** We have also appointed Equity Trustees as the Responsible Entity and Mainstream Fund Services as Unit Registry, Administrator and Custodian. Having these national companies in these important roles provides an added level of oversight and support for us and investors.



Clearwater Portfolio Management