DMG Diversified Portfolio


Investment growth with a focus on protecting your capital



Are you seeking an investment opportunity that can provide a strong level of protection (not immunity), with solid returns?

The DMG Diversified Portfolio (DMGDP) is a customised solution that offers real value, greater certainty of achieving a solid return, sensitivity to market volatility and lower risk. It can be used as the core of your portfolio or as a total investment solution. 

Investing successfully isn't easy and making strong returns consistently is challenging. Many investments perform well when the markets are rising, however it's when things get tough that the worth of an investment is truly visible. Share markets usually suffer a fall of around 10% during one period each year and experience a loss of around 20% once every three years. Then there's the periodic major crash, like in 1987, the tech wreck and the GFC. Whilst you can try to ride the rollercoaster through all the peaks and troughs, our experience is that investors prefer a smoother ride. 




A Solid Track Record

The portfolio has a track record in excess of  four years of protecting our investors capital from the worst of the share market falls.


Easily Accessible to any Investor

If you’re an investor who prefers to do the research yourself and make your own decisions on how to invest, then simply complete the forms and let us know if you need any assistance along the way.


Widely Diversified to Mitigate Risk

True to its name, the portfolio is well diversified with approximately 15 separate holdings, which are then further diversified. Alternative investments are also included for the primary purpose of profiting when markets fall.


Efficient Response to Economic and Market Volatility

It is actively researched and managed. The level of diversification and protection enables us to adjust it and respond to moves in the markets or extreme market events .


Direct access to the Portfolio Manager

We are one of the few funds that allows investors to speak directly with the Portfolio Manager, Dr Bart Dowling, to understand more about the portfolio and the markets.


A Commitment to Reducing Costs

We run the portfolio as lean as we can without compromising our purpose and service. We negotiate with all the managers and service providers we use and do not pay any commissions.


What returns can you expect?



We target investment returns equal to or above the cash rate plus 4% per year after fees. Delivering returns that exceed this target whilst focussing on protecting investors capital is our priority.


How To Invest


If you are interested in making an investment in the DMG Diversified Portfolio, please review the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and related documents to ensure you understand how the Fund works and the risks involved.

The minimum initial investment amount for the Fund is $5,000 (cash cannot be accepted). 

Complete the application form that contained in the PDS and send along with your identification documents (if applicable) to:

PO Box 429
Sale, VIC 3850

or Delivering it to: 

67-71 Foster Street
Sale, VIC 3850.

* Note: the price at which units are acquired is determined in accordance with the Constitution (“Application Price”). The Application Price on a Business Day (as defined in the Reference Guide) is, in general terms, equal to the Net Asset Value (“NAV”) of the Fund, divided by the number of units on issue and adjusted for transaction costs (“Buy Spread”). The Buy Spread is 0.20%. The Application Price will vary as the market value of assets in the Fund rises or falls.

Making additional investments 



You can make additional investments into the Fund at any time by sending us your additional investment amount together with a completed Application Form. The minimum additional investment into the Fund is $1,000. 


An investor’s share of any distributable income is calculated in accordance with the Constitution and is generally based on the number of units held by the investor at the end of the distribution period. The Fund usually distributes income annually at the end of June. Distributions are calculated effective the last day of each accounting period and are normally paid to investors as soon as practicable after the distribution calculation date. 

Investors in the Fund can indicate a preference to have their distribution: 

  • reinvested back into the Fund; or

  • directly credited to their Australian domiciled bank account

Investors who do not indicate a preference will have their distributions automatically reinvested. There is no Buy Spread on distributions that are reinvested.

Access to your money 



Investors can withdraw part or all of their investment by completing a written request to withdraw from the Fund and mailing it to: 

PO Box 429
Sale, VIC 3850

or Delivering it to: 

67-71 Foster Street
Sale, VIC 3850

or, if you have a financial planner by contacting them. 

The minimum withdrawal amount is $1,000. Once we receive your withdrawal request, we may act on your instruction without further enquiry if the instruction bears your account number or investor details and your signature(s), or your authorised signatory’s signature(s). Withdrawals are generally processed within 14 days of receipt of a withdrawal request by transferring the withdrawal proceeds to such investor’s nominated bank account. However, the Constitution allows in rare circumstances the ability to reject withdrawal requests and also to make payment up to 180 days after acceptance of a request (which may be extended in certain circumstances). To date this has never occurred.